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Have you ever euthanized a dog before? Yes No . If yes, why?
Since Bloodhounds are a high maintenance care dog are you able to clean ears, eyes, coat, and trim nails on a regular basis? Yes No .
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Have you ever completed an AKC title in Obedience Breed
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What type of personality are you looking for in your puppy?

Have you considered an older dog instead of a puppy? Yes No
What do you expect the activity level of the bloodhound to be: high moderate below average
What kind of floor surface will the dog be on in the home?tile linoleum carpet wood smooth surface with throw rugs
Have you ever housetrained a dog before_ Yes No
Have you ever returned a pet to a breeder? Yes No

Have you ever given a pet away?
if so what were the circumstances?

Have you ever taken a pet to a dog pound or animal shelter?
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Are you committed to care for this dog's needs for his lifetime?
Do you understand that the puppy purchased from us will receive a Limited Registration (except those placed in show homes that will be shown) Yes No
Are you willing to sign a written contract, if you are approved , prior to the purchase? .
Do you understand that this dog must be returned to its breeder with signed registration papers with no refund of monies at your expense if:

you are unable to care for the dog any longer
you no longer want the dog
you violate the written contract signed at the time of purchase
unforeseen tragedy would leave the dog homeless
you are no longer able to maintain the dog in the environment it has been accustomed to and feel he is in distress or distressed
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Do you understand that this questionnaire will be made a part of the written contract at the time of purchase. Yes No .

Additional comments or concerns:

CHURCHIL is not a kennel . Our dogs are part of our family, in fact, they are our family. Established since 1979 we began our roots in mantrailing and only later after several years did we begin showing and breeding on a limited basis. Although our dogs have the run of the house always supervised some are loose at all times. We do feed everyone in their individual Giant crates and on occasion confined to their crates when we have a girlie in season and we need to closely monitor . At times we have hounds from birth to 12 years old. Some are retired show dogs some are just our pets present and retired. We show as a hobby and breed on a very limited basis according to the AKC Breed standard. We breed a litter with specific goals in mind and planned and not for the fad tendencies nor to fulfill puppy demands. Therefore, every placement is critical and are carefully screened for a lifetime commitment. Our goal generally is based on the bloodhounds future soundness, type, mantrailing ability, and their gentle, clownish nature. The new owner must be prepared for their intelligence, creative and destructive abilities, and desire for a well structured and consistent lifestyle.

CHURCHIL has enjoyed through the years great success in the show ring, on the trail, obedience , tracking and champion couch potatoes. We enjoy the show ring and testing the mantrailing abilities of each puppy born but most of all we enjoy daily life with our bloodhounds as companions. Our bloodhounds are family members first, the rest is added pleasure. We are very proud of our bloodhounds in what they are today, what they have been, and where they are headed and we always will be.

Please complete this form and return to us at the following address:
Michele Mckinney
898 County Road 749
Valley Head. Alabama 35989-3612
email address
Visit our website at

Please call or e-mail us 10 days after mailing your initial screening form and we can discuss whether you have been initially approved for placement and at that time discuss in detail what our plans are for puppies in the future. It takes a while to get to know prospective homes and both the prospective new home and myself must be sure about the decision. As I have said, each placement is critical for the well being of the Bloodhound and its new family.

Thankyou for your interest in the breed and in our lines........Michele