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Potential Puppy Buyer Questionnaire
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How did you hear about us
Have you ever seen a Bloodhound in person before?
Have you ever owned a Bloodhound before?

When Bought at what age
List problems if any with your bloodhound
At what age did your bloodhound die
Cause of death or reason for euthanasia, placement, sale, etc. Explain

Have you owned or housed a dog with a communicable disease such as parvo etc. or suspected to be such and if so, when?
Why have you decided to purchase a bloodhound
Do you prefer a Male Female Undecided
Do you have a color preference and if so, what?

For what purpose(s) are you purchasing a bloodhound (Rank all that apply by number)
Family Pet Obedience Show Trailing
Have you ever shown in conformation

Do all family members want a new puppy
Do you have young children Ages
Who will train the puppy
Who will be in charge of the puppy's care
Do any family members have allergies to dogs

Do you Own Rent Do you live in a House Apt
Urban Rural Do you have neighbors close? How close?
Other comments

Where will your bloodhound be kept during the day?
HouseDog run with doghouseYard with doghouseCombination
Where will your bloodhound be kept at night?
HouseDog run with doghouseYard with doghouse
Do you have a securely fenced yard
Kind, Height and Size (5' is required)
Is it adjacent to the house with an entrance to the house?
Do you have a kennel run Do you own a crate
Are you willing to provide us pictures of your fenced yard & living quarters that your new dog will be a part of?

Have you ever completed an AKC title in Obedience Breed
Agility Tracking Other
Please list titles

What type of personality are you looking for in your puppy?

Are you willing to spay/neuter this dog?
If not, why?

Do you currently own any other dogs?
If yes, please list breeds, sex and ages
Do you own other pets?
If yes, what type(s)
Have you ever owned a large breed of dog before
Have you ever had a litter? How many?
What breed or breeds?
Was the breeding planned?
For what purpose was the litter?
Have you ever had a dog euthanized?
If yes, why:

Are you committed to care for this dog's needs for his lifetime?
Are you willing to give the dog the extra care that a Bloodhound requires?
Clean Ears, Eyes and Coat?
Do you understand a Bloodhound requires and demands a great deal of contact
with family and people?

Do you understand that a pet or trailing puppy purchased from us will receive a Limited Registration (click here for more information on limited registration) Yes No

Are you willing to sign a written contract prior to purchase?
Would you be interested in a adult or rescue bloodhound?
When shipping a puppy, weather conditions, flight duration and connections all play a part in when we can ship a puppy. Dogs are not baggage. Air travel should be taken seriously! Exposure to excessive temperatures will be avoided at all cost (work and personal schedules included). If you purchase one of our dogs, are you prepared to make last minute changes in work and personal schedules to allow pick up at the airport at a time that is in the best interest of the puppy? Yes No

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